We give your audience a new way to express themselves and interact with your content. Did you know that Moodly yields     5 times more responses than Facebook?

Optimize your branding with emotional ad targeting

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Use emotional ad targeting to deliver your messege when your audience is most receptive.

Making all content 
your sponsored content.


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By using emotions we can find most engaging and sharable content for each user. This way users stay longer, visit more often and share more on social media. 



After reading an article or watching a video your user can express her reaction


She can share it with her friends, and discover how they feel. 


She gets personalized, emotive recommendations. 


We leave it up to her to decide how she want's to feel next. 

Use reaction analytics to understand how your content affects you audience.  

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Moodly makes your ads feel right! 

With emotional targeting you can tailor your message to the feelings of your customers and create deep emotional connections. 


Tap into empathy. When people feel #sad show them how they can change the world!

Do you want people to feel excited about your new car? Show your ad whenever they feel #inspired to create the right connection!

Is your new game totally relaxing? Advertise it when people feel #angry and use it in your call to action.



Branding is not about clicks, it's about love!

Our recent results show that you can improve product purchase intent by 40% - 60% just by displaying it in an emotionally positive context.

Imagine what you will be able to do with the full spectrum of emotions!

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Use emotional recommendations to deliver your content when your audience is most engaged.

Making all content 
work for you.


Optimize your engagement with emotional recommendations

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Full setup takes just 5 minutes

Full setup takes just 5 minutes

Over 10 million users have tried Moodly

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Full setup takes just 5 minutes

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"Research has shown that the affective metadata (as provided by Moodly) improves significantly the quality of recommendations."

Marko Tkalcic Ph. D.

Department of Computational Perception,
Johannes Kepler University in Linz, Austria.

Scientifically verified

"Affective context has significant influence on consumer decisions. Moodly predicts the context effectively"

Lukasz D. Kaczmarek, Ph.D. 

Head of Psychophysiology and Health Lab,
Adam Mickiewicz University,
Poznań Poland

"Moodly is a great idea to improve the efficiency of marketing communications".

Prof. Dr. Jan Landwehr

Chair for Product Management and
Marketing Communications, 

Marketing at Goethe-University,
Frankfurt Germany